Podiatric surgery is a specialist field in the podiatry profession and is the surgical treatment of conditions affecting foot and ankle. Podiatric surgeons completed extensive medical and surgical training and registered as specialists under AHPRA(Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency). Podiatric surgeons are qualified to perform surgery for conditions affecting the foot and ankle. They form an integral part of overall patient management, working closely with podiatrists to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions including:

  • Structural deformities of the foot including bunions, hammertoes and flat feet,

  • Bone spurs;

  • Heel pain;

  • Nerve entrapments;

  • Tendon and soft tissue problems;

  • Degeneration and arthritis of the joints of the foot and ankle;

  • Skin and nail conditions;

  • Congenital deformities;

  • Trauma-related injuries, including fractures and dislocations and post-traumatic arthritis.


Podiatric surgeons accept referrals from podiatrists for specialist advice and surgical treatment, as well as from other medical professionals. If you are currently under the management of a podiatrist we strongly recommend you seek out a formal referral letter from them to assist the specialist in their assessment.