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Footsurgery News 31 Jul | '2019

Minimally Invasive(Keyhole) Bunion Surgery (Brisbane/Gold Coast)

What is Minimally Invasive (keyhole) bunion surgery?

Minimally invasive bunion surgery involves small keyhole incisions (<3mm), which results in less post-operative pain, faster recovery, and less stiffness at the big toe compared to traditional open bunion surgery involving large incision (~5 cm) and more dissections resulting in more soft tissue damages.

Minimally invasive bunion surgery may be an alternative to traditional open surgery for some patients and this will depend on the type and severity of the bunion. Dr Kim in Brisbane/Gold Coast Foot Surgery will advise if you are a good candidate for Minimally Invasive (Keyhole) Bunion Surgery during your consultation.

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Footsurgery News 12 Oct | '2018

Minimally Invasive (Keyhole) Foot Surgery

Podiatric foot and ankle surgeon Dr Kim brings significant advance for minimally invasive (keyhole) foot and ankle surgery to Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Minimally Invasive surgery has gained popularity in the field of foot and ankle surgery. Special surgical instruments/devices with advanced imaging techniques are used to visualise and perform various foot and ankle surgery through small incisions.

Because minimally invasive (keyhole) foot surgery, does not involve a long incision, it results in less trauma to the muscles and soft tissue surrounding the foot. In most cases, this results in less pain after foot surgery and a faster recovery.

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