How are fees charged

Payment is required at the time of service;

  • Initial Consultation – $160 (30 minutes)
  • Subsequent Consultation – $120 (30 minutes)


Office procedures: 

  • Ingrown toenail surgery: $450 (single side) / $100 applies to the additional side
  • Wart Surgery: $450  / $100 applies to the additional wart
  • Simple tenotomy: $450 / $100 applies to the additional toe
  • Ultrasound-Guided Injection: $120



Hospital-Based Surgery fees are charged depending on the service provided, but typically;

  • Surgeon’s Fee

    Fees charged depend on the complexity of the procedure. A printed estimate including item numbers will be given to you during your appointment


  • Hospital Cost (Theatre, Accommodation and Prostheses fees)

    Health insurance coverage of hospital costs varies between insurers. A few insurers pay only the default amount while others cover 100% of costs.


  • Anaesthetist Fee

    You will be supplied with an informed financial consent regarding your anaesthetic fees and how these should be paid, prior to your procedure




Rebates of Podiatric Surgery

  • All private health insurances are required to pay for some of the hospitals’ costs and prostheses used during surgery if your hospital policy includes podiatric surgery.
  • If your private health insurances refuse to cover podiatric surgery and its associated fees, you may consider switching to other health funds that provide a better cover for podiatric surgery. Our staff is able to assist in this.
  • Rebates of podiatric surgery by Medicare and Private Health Insurances have been recognised as an area for concern but governments and industry are slow to react
  • You should contact your local federal MP if you feel strongly about this, as your choices are limited by government policy


Medicare and Veteran’s affair

  • Although there is no Medicare or Veteran’s affairs rebate available for podiatric surgery at present, your general practitioners may arrange EPC(Enhanced Primary Care) plan covers a part of the consultation fee.
  • DVA referral (D904) from General practitioners is required for bulk-billing.


Worker’s compensation

  • We do accept worker’s compensation but we advise you to contact your case officer to find out about your eligibility for the treatment before making an appointment.


Payment Plans

  • Interest-free payment plan for up to 26 months is available on request. (Mifund / Zipmoney)


Uninsured Patients

  • We are now able to offer a discounted package rate for our uninsured patients. This fee includes the surgeon’s fee, prostheses(implants), assistant fee, hospital cost and postoperative appointments for 3 months.


Traditional Bunion Surgery: $3900 + Anaesthetic 


Keyhole Bunion Surgery: $4100 + Anaesthetic


Hallux Rigidus: $3700 + Anaesthetic


Morton’s neuroma: $2600 + Anaesthetic


Hammertoe: $2300 per toe + Anaesthetic ($500 applies to the additional toe) 


Keyhole Corn Surgery: $1700 + Anaesthetic


*Please note these costs include Doctor’s cost, Assitant fee, hospital cost, Prostheses(The Most biocompatible Titanium alloy screws), postop shoe and postop follow-up appointments.