How are fees charged

Payment is required at the time of service;

  • Initial Consultation – $160 (30 minutes)
  • Subsequent Consultation – $120 (30 minutes)


Surgery fees are charged depending on the service provided, but typically;

  • Surgeon’s Fee: Fees charged depend on the complexity of the procedure. A printed estimate including item numbers will be given to you during your appointment.
  • Theatre and Prosthesis fee: Health insurance coverage of hospital costs varies between insurers. A few insurers pay only the default amount and others cover 100% of costs.
  • Anaethetist Fee: Anaesthetists have a different fee for different procedures. You will be supplied with an informed financial consent regarding your anaesthetic fees and how these should be paid, prior to your procedure.

(Please note that your surgeon fee includes postoperative follow-up appointments for 3 months)


Rebates of Podiatric Surgery

All private health insurances are required to pay for some of the hospitals’ costs and prostheses used during surgery.

If your private health insurances refuse to cover podiatric surgery and its associated fees, you may consider switching to other health funds that provide a better cover for podiatric surgery.


Medicare and Veteran’s affair

Although there is no Medicare or Veteran’s affairs rebate available for podiatric surgery at present, your general practitioners may arrange EPC(Enhanced Primary Care) plan covers a part of the consultation fee.


DVA referral (D904) from General practitioners is required for bulk-billing.


Worker’s compensation

We do accept worker’s compensation but we advise you to contact your case officer to find out about your eligibility for the treatment before making an appointment.


Payment Plans

Interest-free payment plan for up to 26 months is available on request.


Uninsured Patients 

We are now able to offer a discounted rate for our uninsured patients. This fee includes the surgeon’s fee, theatre fee, assistant fee and postoperative appointments for 3 months.