Foot drop can be caused by a number of different conditions including stroke, cerebral palsy and nerve damage. A foot drop brace will often help the affected patient avoid surgery

Foot drop is a condition in which the dropping of the forefoot occurs due to weakness or damage to the muscles and tendons at the front of the ankle joint. Sometimes, there is also damage to the nerves that control these muscles. It is usually a symptom of a greater problem, not a disease in itself. Foot drop is characterized by inability to raise the toes or raise the foot from the ankle, otherwise known as dorsiflexion. Foot drop may be temporary or permanent, depending on the extent of muscle weakness or paralysis and it can occur in one or both feet. In walking, the raised leg is slightly bent at the knee to prevent the foot from dragging along the ground. A foot drop brace is usually the 1st line treatment to treat this disorder. Failing this, an ankle foot orthotic (AFO) may be required.

The “Foot-Up” brace is a lightweight ankle-foot orthosis that offers dynamic support for foot drop or similar complaints. This revolutionary orthosis provides visible improvement in gait by supporting the foot into dorsiflexion. It is comprised of a:


  • Cushioned ankle wrap made from a breathable, 3-layer material that can be worn comfortably for long periods of time
  • Plastic inlay that fits discreetly between the tongue and laces of the shoe and is practically invisible when worn


Dynamic support for drop foot or similar complaints for which support of dorsiflexion is desirable



  • AFO Light provides support only where it is needed, eliminating unnecessary bulk and providing a cosmetically-appealing look. Using the best of Flex-Foot® technology and the energy storing properties of carbon fiber, AFO Light offers a strong and lightweight solution for people with mild to moderate drop foot.
  • Energy return and propulsion assistance of the limb at toe off
  • Supports the foot for ground clearance during swing phase
  • Carbon fiber design provides excellent strength-to-weight ratio and dynamic motion
  • Gradual plantar flexion at initial contact
  • Stiffness gradient at the heel and the toe correspond to ground reaction forces as they are applied to the foot
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Mild to moderate drop foot
  • Contra-indicated for severe ankle-foot deformities, severe spasticity, fluctuation edema, M-L instability, or extreme activity
  • Suggested weight range: up to 220 lbs (100kg)

By – Dr Ji Soo Kim

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