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    • Bunion & Bunionette

      Bunion & Bunionette

      Bunions will not just go away on their own, but this does not mean that your lifestyle has to be affected.

    • Flat Feet

      Flat Feet

      There is a treatment that is minimally invasive and affordable so you no longer have to feel like your entire life is being controlled by flat feet.

    • Soft Tissue Mass (e.g Ganglion Cyst)

      Soft Tissue Mass (e.g Ganglion Cyst)

      Usually simple wear and tear on a particular tendon or joint is the cause of a ganglion.

    • Hallux – Rigidus & Cartiva Surgery

      Hallux – Rigidus & Cartiva Surgery

      Hallux Rigidus may develop due to big toe joint overuse – for instance, workers who have to squat and stoop or athletes who put too much pressure on their joints.

    • Hammertoe


      Very common in adults who will experience pain or irritation when wearing shoes, corns or calluses on the toe, a burning sensation and in more severe cases ulcerations.

    • Plantar Fasciitis

      Plantar Fasciitis

      If you are experiencing pain that is worse first thing in the morning or after you have been standing for long periods of time then you may have Plantar Fasciitis. Get back your lifestyle today.

    • Morton’s Neuroma

      Morton’s Neuroma

      It can feel like a small knob and when pressed produces a shooting pain, numbness and tingling between the toes and in the ball of the foot. There is a treatment that will allow you to stay active all day, enjoy sports and dancing again.

    • Corns and Calluses

      Corns and Calluses

      Are you experiencing pain when walking? Does it feel like you have a rock in your shoe when you walk? You may have a corn or callus.

    • Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) – Keyhole Surgery

      Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) – Keyhole Surgery

      Minimally invasive (keyhole) foot surgery, does not involve a long incision, it results in less trauma to the muscles and soft tissue surrounding the foot. In most cases, this results in less pain after foot surgery and a faster recovery.

    • Ingrown Toenails

      Ingrown Toenails

      Don’t wait for that ingrown toenail to become infected and painful. There is a cure!

    • Freiberg’s Disease

      Freiberg’s Disease

      Physical stress causes multiple tiny fractures which then impairs blood flow to the metatarsal head.

    • Plantar Warts

      Plantar Warts

      Most plantar warts usually go away without treatment. If you are concerned, book a consultation with Dr. Kim.