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Very common in adults who will experience pain or irritation when wearing shoes, corns or calluses on the toe, a burning sensation and in more severe cases ulcerations.


The average person takes 5000 to 7000 steps a day and each step can be an ordeal for people living with painful foot deformities that include Hammertoe.

Hammertoe is a condition in which the toe is bent or crooked at one of the three joint levels. Very common in adults who will experience pain or irritation when wearing shoes, corns or calluses on the toe, a burning sensation and in more severe cases ulcerations.

In most cases a Hammertoe condition is treatable.


Hammertoe causes can include a muscular imbalance between the tendons in the foot. This is known as the flexible Hammertoe which is easy to treat. Over time if left untreated the joints adapt to the positions and this becomes arthritic and may require surgery.

Conditions such as arthritis or diabetes can also contribute to the development of foot problems that include Hammertoe.

Pressure from a bunion of the big toe can also be a cause of Hammertoe so if you are feeling pain or have bunions it is always best to have them checked to avoid further complications.

Treatment of Hammertoe does not always require surgery. It is advisable to book for a consultation to assess your options as the condition is progressive. The longer it is left the more difficult it is to correct.

There are treatment options for symptoms of Hammertoe such as pain reduction but if the pain persists you may have to consider surgery.


Surgery is advised if non-surgical treatment fails.

Minimally Invasive Repair Brisbane and Gold Coast

Depending on the extent of the stiffness presented in the toe and flexibility it may be possible to perform a minimally invasive surgery known as a flexor tenotomy which releases the tendon. This simple procedure performed under a local anaesthetic releases the tight tendon with only a simple stab incision through the skin and no stitches are required. Our minimally invasive Hammertoe repair does not require the fusion of any joints which previously meant the loss of mobility.

Patients experiencing established stiffness or complete rigidity in the toe undergo a simple hospital-based surgery known as an ‘arthroplasty’ or an ‘arthrodesis’. The surgery releases both the tight tendon and realigns the mal-positioned bones. Instead a 1 – 2cm incision is made over the toe without affecting the soft tissue and tendons.

Up and walking the same day after a 20 minute day surgery.

Performed without any pins or wires you will recover faster and there is less risk of infections.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Podiatric Surgeon Dr Kim is the leading surgeon for Foot Surgery in Brisbane and Gold Coast. Contact him today to see if you are a good candidate for minimally invasive Hammertoe keyhole surgery

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