How do i fix my bunion

Genetics. There is now no question that you have inherited your bunions from one of your parents or grandparents. Tight footwear, such as high heels, may make things worse, but men also get this disorder and you rarely see men walking around in high heels!

It’s interesting to note that bunions do not always follow the same pattern of symptoms. Sometimes there is pain underneath the ball joint, and at other times pain and discomfort may occur directly over the bunion because of footwear irritation. The pain may be a sharp shooting pain, in which case, it is because of compression of the dorso-medial cutaneous nerve. This ‘squashing’ of the nerve can also result in a numb feeling on the bottom of the big toe or along its side. Some people will say it’s starting to increase in size and that this has occurred rapidly in the last few years, whereas for other people, the bunion stays much the same as it always has. All this variation occurs because where not looking at one single problem, there are many, so if you want to know more about bunions, visit

  • By – Dr Ji Soo Kim
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